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Dr. Conrad Trapp is a member of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and has completed 2 of the 3 phases toward becoming fully Certified by the N.U.C.C.A. Board of Directors.

At Trapp Spinal Care the focus is on restoring the body’s natural ability to heal by restoring the structure of the body frame, thereby restoring optimum function to the central nervous system. That’s it. That’s the key. We believe the body is a flawless design. It’s what we do to it, during the course of living that interferes with our health.

While there are certainly other factors that can contribute to illness or injury, we believe the first and most important step toward health and wellness it to make certain the nervous system is free from structural interference and that the body is able to receive the proper healing messages from its central command center, the brain.


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Conrad L. Trapp, D.C.
Trapp Spinal Care
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Meet Conrad L. Trapp, D.C.

I was first introduced to chiropractic care after having severe low back problems for several years. My back "went out" often and I was typically "down" for several days each time. There were times that I had to ask my NUCCA doctor to come to my house to adjust me because I could not get up...

Meet Debbie Trapp - Office Manager

My problem was a huge herniated disc between L4/L5 with a blazing sciatic nerve. At age 32 I was told to have surgery, but Dr. Trapp didn't want me to. I'm so glad he was there to be the voice of reason. I never had surgery, and I have no more pain.