About Trapp Spinal Care

Dr. Conrad Trapp is a member of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and has completed 2 of the 3 phases toward becoming fully Certified by the N.U.C.C.A. Board of Directors.

At Trapp Spinal Care the focus is on restoring the body’s natural ability to heal by restoring the structure of the body frame, thereby restoring optimum function to the central nervous system. That’s it. That’s the key. We believe the body is a flawless design. It’s what we do to it, during the course of living that interferes with our health.

While there are certainly other factors that can contribute to illness or injury, we believe the first and most important step toward health and wellness it to make certain the nervous system is free from structural interference and that the body is able to receive the proper healing messages from its central command center, the brain.

The NUCCA chiropractic technique is the only type of spinal manipulation we offer. It is our specialty and the preferred method of spinal correction. We believe that this precise repositioning of the atlas (C1) is what enables the spine to regain it’s stability as quickly as possible, thereby restoring proper nerve flow to all previously affected areas of the body and jump-starts the healing process! It is important to remember that the longer the spine stays in alignment, the longer the opportunity for the body to heal. Once health has been lost, regaining your health becomes a process, not an event. The NUCCA spinal correction is the event that begins that process.

Dr. Trapp and his wife, Debbie, have operated Trapp Spinal Care since November of 1997. It truly is a family business. Our family loves taking care of your family! We are here to help. We want you to be take charge of your health. You know your body better than anyone. Let’s work together to improve your life, through quality chiropractic care.

Meet Dr. Conrad Trapp

I was first introduced to chiropractic care after having severe low back problems for several years. My back "went out" often and I was typically "down" for several days each time. There were times that I had to ask my NUCCA doctor to come to my house to adjust me because I could not get up. Before finding NUCCA, I had been told by an orthopedic specialist to consider surgery. My mother had had two back surgeries but still lived in constant pain. I knew that surgery would not be an option for me. A friend kept insisting that I go to her chiropractor, who was a NUCCA specialist. Reluctantly, I decided to give chiropractic a try. On my first visit with my NUCCA doctor (my first experience with any type of chiropractor) I was totally under-whelmed by the adjustment he made right below my ear. His touch was so slight and my pain was located so low in my spine, I just knew that I had been "taken" by this guy. But, then, as I got up off the adjusting table, ready to let him have it, I noticed that about 50% of my pain was gone. That got my attention! I started paying close attention to what my doctor was telling me and to what he was doing to me on each subsequent visit. Because my condition was acute when I started care, it did take many visits to get my spine to stabilize so I could "hold" my correction. My doctor explained to me that real healing occurred only when my spine stayed in alignment. That made sense to me. 

I have been a chiropractic patient since 1981. At one point, I had held my correction for a period of six years. Now that I'm making spinal corrections myself, I will typically need to get corrected once a month or so. The change that NUCCA chiropractic made in my life is what prompted me to make a career change from a machinist to a NUCCA chiropractor. It's the best move I could have made. The gratification of helping others who are hurting, like I was, makes going to the office a joy. I feel I can truly make a difference in people's lives!

Meet Debbie Trapp - Office Manager

Dr. Trapp and I got married in 1992. In 1993, we moved to Davenport, IA, so he could study to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. He graduated in October, of 1996, and opened his own practice in Broken Arrow, in 1997. I have been his Office Manager since then. I have also been a NUCCA patient since 1992.

My problem was a huge herniated disc between L4/L5 with a blazing sciatic nerve. At age 32 I was told to have surgery, but Dr. Trapp didn't want me to. I'm so glad he was there to be the voice of reason. I never had surgery, and I have no more pain.

I am a graduate of Broken Arrow High School (you guess the year) after which I received an Associate Degree in Computer Programming from Tulsa Junior College. I then completed my Bachelor Degree in Business Management from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Yes, Dr. Trapp is a BIG Sooner fan but I say "Go Pokes!" I can help you with questions you may have about our office or insurance.

I can also help with questions you may have about NUCCA care from a patient's perspective. If you are hurting or having nagging health problems that just won't go away, I encourage you to come in and find out how we may be able to help you.

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