New Patients

Becoming a new patient at Trapp Spinal Care in Broken Arrow is very simple. We follow a 3 step processes which has been shown to work very well.

Initial Visit

On your first visit we will have you fill out a couple of forms. At that point Dr. Trapp will meet with you and give a consultation specific to our office. This includes a pertinent health history and chiropractic exam. If a spinal misalignment is found and you are accepted as a patient, three films of the upper cervical spine are then taken.

Following the consultation and filming you will be asked to set up an appointment for your first spinal correction at the earliest possible time (preferably within 1-2 days).
Note:  For patients who travel from out-of-town, visits 1 and 2 can be combined for your convenience. When this is done, you will need to allow approximately 2.5 hours for this appointment.

Second Visit

On your second visit Dr. Trapp will review with you, your exam and X-ray findings. Any questions that you have will be eagerly answered. At this point the first spinal correction will be made. When Dr. Trapp determines that the correction is successful, two post films will be taken. These films will then be analyzed and compared to the pre-adjustment films.
The comparison tells Dr. Trapp if the formula for your correction is good or needs to be changed in any way.

Follow-up Visits

On follow-up visits, Dr. Trapp will determine if you are misaligned and in need of a spinal correction. If you are misaligned, a correction will be made. If your body is balanced (and you are "holding" your correction), spinal stability is estimated and Dr. Trapp will recommend your next appointment date.  In monitoring your progress through these follow-ups, we can determine when your spine has stabilized and at that point you will be released from scheduled visits and given the responsibility to call us when you need us.

Insurance and Fees

Trapp Spinal Care is a NON -NETWORK PROVIDER. This means that we are not listed on any HMO, PPO or other network of providers which your insurance may work with. This does not mean that you may not receive reimbursement from your insurance company for chiropractic services (see questions below).

Trapp Spinal Care is a Cash Practice which means that we do not file insurance for our patients. If you have coverage for chiropractic services (from an OUT-of-NETWORK PROVIDER) we provide patients the completed claims forms and patients submit them directly to their insurance companies for payment. Payment should be made payable to the patient. Basically, YOU pay US, then THEY pay YOU. As a new patient begins care, we ask that you pay a minimum of $275.00 down. The balance of the initial fees (initial fees are currently $475.00) will be due within 90 days. Monthly statements are provided to assist the patient with payment responsibilities. We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, and Discover, for your convenience.

We require that follow-up visits be paid as services are rendered. These will be charged at $30.00 for an exam-only visit, or $50.00 for an exam with a spinal correction. These charges can be submitted to insurance, as well.

Medicare Beneficiaries pay based on the Medicare Fee Schedule for performed services. (Call for current rates.) Trapp Spinal Care DOES file claims for Medicare beneficiaries but we do not accept assignment on Medicare claims. Again, Medicare patients PAY US and then MEDICARE PAYS YOU.

Trapp Spinal Care does treat patients with Personal Injury/Accident claims. IMPORTANT: Valid insurance information and claim number must be provided on initial visit. No exceptions.

To assist you, you may download and read our POLICY ON ACCEPTANCE OF PERSONAL INJURY CASES. You can also download and print our Personal Injury Info Sheet on WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING, fill it out and bring it with you on your initial visit. These are PDF files and require the free Adobe Reader software, which can be downloaded from Adobe's website.

Our Location

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